We all have a favorite jukebox, pinball machine, slot machine, arcade game or other coin operated item.  What is yours?

I love pinball!  My favorite wedgehead pinball is Ship Ahoy.

My favorite modern pinball game is "The Addams Family"

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I have to go with Nichole on the Ship Ahoy, but the Wurlitzer 1100 is my favorite jukebox. It is in our living room and the revolving light effect at night is stunning.
That is a very pretty jukebox, but your Wurlitzer 2100 you listed is my favorite.
Twilight Zone is my favorite pinball.

I love Space Invaders! I don't have a picture but it is a very cool game.
Mine is Frogger. I love that game! Mandy
I love the sounds in that game. My sister was addicted to that game when we were growing up. I love it!

Mandy Keppler said:
Mine is Frogger. I love that game! Mandy
Mike's jukebox is very pretty. I like the Corvette pinball machine too.

Mike & Nichole,

Are you going to the Chicagoland Antique Advertising, Slot Machine & Jukebox Show at Pheasant Run? You must already know about it, but it is the largest show of its type in the world.

I am a big fan of the shooting games, but look at the basketball game I attached. My dad had one but sold it a long time ago.

We love your show and wish it were on daily. You two are so entertaining to listen to and seem to build on each others enthusiasm.

Bob, thanks for your posting. I love the basketball game and would like to find one in the future. They are a fairly rare game. You can click HERE fore more information and pictures of your game. It was manufactured in 1947 and is very fun to play.
I love that game!
Mike, I love the colors of your jukebox! My favorite game is Ms. Pacman.

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