great show today.  i really enjoyed the picking stories!  you have a number of nice pieces listed on ebay this week.  it is always fun to see what is new on your site. 

your photos on the pins and other big pieces are outstanding. the auctions on your advertising signs look different. is this the new mobile ebay app for listing?  the photo sizes on the signs look smaller and a touch on the blurry side. do you have any photos of the sign backs?  im assuming you meant to post them so we can make sure they are originals. also do you have any close ups of the manufacturer markings?

im most interested in the thermometer but really like a few of the others. i live in Milwaukee and assume I can pick them up if i win?  i would die for the 7up machine!



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Comment by Mike Boerschinger on February 26, 2013 at 11:20am

Hello Scott,

Thanks for your kind words. We enjoy doing the show and enjoyed sharing the picking stories.

We also appreciate the comments on our auctions and the photos. We are beta testing new auction software and it may have left photos out of the auction inadvertently. We will look into it and appreciate the heads up. 

You are more than welcome to pick up the items you won in person and save the shipping.

Thanks again for tuning in!

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